Monster in my D.N.A

Lament to the Moon
Acoustic performance of Danny Fury and Vera Wild


3 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Is there a album or just the EPs Id like to purchase a full album?
    for the Tango Pirates

  2. Hi Srecko,
    nice you want to purchase our music.
    we do not have a full album though. but a brand new EP out in a week (or so)
    the two last EP’s we recorded, should make out an album’s worth of music though and comes at the same prize as a full length album.
    all support would be greatly appreciated and might help us to eventually record a full album.
    we have enough great songs for 3 albums. but not the funds to go in and record them.
    if you purchase our EP’s, i will sign them of course.
    all the best…..
    keep safe and in touch.
    Danny Fury

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