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18 thoughts on “Merchandise

  1. It’s possible to purchase a signed EP by all the band (I’m all time Lords fan) and a tshirt (size M), How much it cost for France ?
    All the best

  2. Is there any way to get a Tango shirt for a fat ass American Fan?? I am trying to find something in XXL. I would also much like Patrice like to get a hold if a signed EP!! As a huge Dogs D’Amour, Hanoi, Shooting Gallery, Kill City Dragons fan… The Pirates are right up my alley!!!

  3. Hi Shane,
    I’ll have to find out for you as I am not sure what sizes we have left in stock, but we can definitely do a signed EP. If you email us with your address details at, we’ll get back to you with the answers you need. Thanks so much for your interest, and apologies for the delay in answering. Really happy to hear you love the music.

  4. Are there going to be physical copies of this available. & when do these items go on sale

  5. thanks guys for being patient. will be more on the case from now on. promised.
    there will also be new songs out soon ! would be great if you support us on the pledge action coming soon.
    Danny Fury

  6. and Shane, we have XL shirts who seem quite large to me. of course I can’t tell exactly if it’s your size, since I don’t know you. so you’d be taking a chance.
    great though, that you like some of the bands we had the honour to have been part of.
    and of course I’m happy that you like our current work.
    all the best

  7. Hallo Danny
    schön zu lesen/hören das Du wieder mit einer Band unterwegs bist
    Gruss andi (Moloko-PLus)

  8. hi Andi,
    Dein name ist mir bekannt, bin mir aber nicht ganz sicher wer Du bist.
    es ist schon sehr lange her.
    kannst Du mir auf die Spruenge helfen ?….lol
    ich bin/war sehr activ die letzten paar jahre, mit meiner eigenen band. ich singe jetzt, schreibe die songs und habe ein bisschen mehr kontrolle
    auf diesem weg. Du findest uns auf Face Book (under Tango Pirates…..und neuerdings unter Danny Fury’s Tango Pirates)

  9. Hi Patrice, it will be difficult to get the whole first line up to sign it, as i don’t see them very often now.
    but Dave and i can sign it to you personally of course.
    you will be able to buy our merchandise on this web page…
    we have a store there that’s linked up with pay pal. as soon as you ordered, i will send it to you.
    support is always very much appreciated and helps to record more music.
    hope you’re well

  10. Hey. is there any way to ? I’m trying to , and if I can, well then I’d surley . Please let me know AS P.!

  11. not sure why you are having problems Jimmy.
    others are ordering and it’s working for them.
    but if you want something … a t shirt…..i can always find another way to do it.
    you can just wire me the money on my account if you want and i’ll send ya whatever you want.

  12. Hi Patrice,
    sorry for the late reply.
    it will be difficult to have them all sign it as some ex members, i don’t see very often anymore. but i can always get Dave Tregunna to sign it for you and maybe Jack on the last EP….and of course i would sign it too for you 🙂
    you can find out how much on here (in our Merchandise store) :
    Support would always be very much appreciated and helps us to record more music.
    all the best
    Danny x

  13. Hi Shane. i’m very sorry for the late reply. must have overlooked your mail.
    great that you like what we do 🙂 you can order T Shirts or CD’s any time and i will send them to you.
    we definitely have XL Shirts…let me check if we have XXL too….no sorry. we only have XL but they look very big ! wanna take a chance ?
    you can always return it if it don’t fit and i return your money.
    you can find our Merchandise here :
    support is always appreciated and helps us to record more music.
    keep safe
    Danny Fury

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