After playing for years, in now Legendary Bands such as The Lords Of The New Church / Vain / Dogs D'amour / Kill City Dragons etc. i decided that it was time to do my own thing and started Tango PIrates in 2011 in London, as an outlet for my songwriting and performing. The Band successfully played shows all over the UK and toured in Scandinavia. over the years there were changes in the line up until i now found the right songwriting partner in Jack Flint. We're about to open a new chapter with the release (coming up) of a new EP (possibly our best yet) and a new and improved live show. For the year 2016, the band plans on touring all over Europe to spread the word. Danny Fury Tango Pirates

Tango Pirates “Danger! Children At Play”

Source: Tango Pirates “Danger! Children At Play”


Monster in My DNA official video

Veglam: “The most exciting and energetic new band to come along in ages”