Timo Kaltio

Timo’s strong connection with Hanoi Rocks lead to a move to London when he relocated with the band. After a brief stint as their bass player, he went on to play bass with Cherry Bombz, eventually switching back to guitar to play in Johnny Thunders‘ Cosa Nostra band.

During his expansive career, Timo has played with Arthur Kane (New York Dolls), written songs with Guns’n’Roses and co-formed Cheap and Nasty with Nasty Suicide (Hanoi Rocks) and Alvin Gibbs (UK Subs, Iggy Pop).

Since then, he has remained active in the London music scene, recording and playing gigs with Void and TransystemV, the band he co-formed with Dave Tregunna, as well as writing and recording with Izzy Stradlin.

Timo is a founding member of Tango Pirates and has been with the band since their start in 2011.