Tango Pirates: A term invented by the New York establishment in the 1920s, for the early blues and jazz musicians, who were seen as a threat to the youth of the day, seducing them to the devil’s music, sex and drugs.

TANGO PIRATES formed in 2011 by Danny Fury (Rogue MaleLords of the New ChurchKill City DragonsVain etc) and Vera Wild (Wild at Heart/ Jelly) and joined by Dave Tregunna (Sham 69/ The Wanderers/ Lords of the New Church/ Cherry Bombs etc) and Timo Kaltio (Arthur Cane, New York Dolls)/ Hanoi Rocks/ Peckham Cowboys etc).

The EP was recorded in 2011. The launch finally came in 2012 to widely critical acclaim.
(According to Veglam Magazine : Best energetic new Band to come out in a long time ! )
A video to Monster In My DNA was filmed and the band toured all over the UK and Scandinavia.
At the end of the summer 2014, Vera Wild (the last original member apart from Danny Fury) left the band after recording the now released follow up EP. Other members Timo Kaltio and Dave Tregunna already have left the Band previously, to pursue other projects. (although Dave continues to record with the band)
This band has been Danny’s vision and creation in the first place and to keep it going was a vow ! From the start it has been a vehicle for his songwriting and performing.
He found a new songwriting partner and guitarist/singer in Jack Flint. On bass, the band were joined by Cass Callaghan. There have been live shows again since December 2014 and the EP In Transition was released in February 2015.
Tango Pirates are currently in the studio recording material for their 3rd EP Danger – Children At Play, to be released later in 2015.
They are now looking for a good booking agency for the UK and Europe in order to spread the word and gain bigger exposure. With the band’s song quality on a high standard and their strong and energetic live performances, the band is set to play to a wider audience.

Tango Pirates current line up:
Danny Fury : Lead Vocals, Drums, Guitar
Jack Flint : Guitars, Vocals